Plott is the CATALYST for your CREATIVITY

Plott uses AR to brings the real world into the virtual, for design with dimensional context. Then using MIxed Reality brings your design from the virtual world back into the real world taking care of all the calculations, this saves you time and allows you to focus on your creativity.

Idea   ➔   Virtual   ➔   Reality

Spend less time thinking and more time creating. Take your ideas from your head and map it out on your phone using the Plott App then let cubit do the thinking. Cubit will do the measuring for you so you can focus on your creativity!

What is Plott?

Mixed Reality

Takes the real world into the virtual world using AR where you can edit and perfect your idea before bringing it back into the real world. Use Plott to import objects and arrange it the way you want it. Then select the hanging points for perfectly level finished projects.

Plott Files

Download and share projects with the Plott community. Plott Files are the blueprint for your project. Whether you build it yourself, download it from a product, or is shared by a friend Plott makes projects simpler.


Connect to any Plott device easily via Bluetooth. Makes it easy to switch from Cubit to Miletus and record information with Plott.


PLOTTERS are a community of people who use Plott
technology to create and Share DIY Projects. Whether it is for a
weekend project or a construction build we can Create It Together.


Cubit, Plott's award winning Mixed Reality device
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