Plott is the CATALYST for your CREATIVITY

We build simple, yet incredibly powerful solutions for DIY - Construction sector using hardware + Extended Reality that enable users to easily measure, design and change their environment.

Cubit, Plott's award winning Augmented Reality device

Idea   ➔   Virtual   ➔   Reality

Spend less time thinking and more time creating. Take your ideas from your head and map it out on your phone using the Plott App then let cubit do the thinking. Cubit will do the measuring for you so you can focus on your creativity!

What is Plott?

Plott Makes Projects Easy

Plott allows you to design virtually so you can change your design easily without marking up your wall. The Plott brings your design to life by guiding you to points like a GPS so you can make the change in the real world without the need for measurements or use of any math. This reduces risk of error and the time spent on DIY projects.

Bringing AR To Life

We combine real and virtual worlds to create our extended reality, XR, platform. Use VR and AR to edit and perfect your ideas in our app, then bring designs to the real world using our tools. Using our XR platform enables you to design then physically build a project in the real world with ease.

Download and share projects with the Plott community. Whether you build a project yourself, download it from a product, or is shared with you.


PLOTTERS are a community of people who use Plott
technology to create and Share DIY Projects. Whether it is for a
weekend project or a construction build we can Create It Together.


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