How to Use Cubit & Plott App

Cubit Basic Fuctions

Get to know the basics of using Cubit. Learn everything you need to know to start using Cubit to build a project.

Laser Measurements

Use Cubit’s laser measuring capabilities to take measurements quickly and accurately. Learn all the ways to use Cubit’s lasers to measure a project.

App Integration for Cubit

Getting Started

Starting an Indoor project, like room decoration or renovation? Set up your project in the Plott app and get plotting.

Adding Hang Points

Setting up your hanging points will tell cubit where to take you for installation. Remember to add object how they would be when hanged. Like pulling up wire for frames that have it.

Measuring in AR

Using AR you can quickly gather an object’s dimensions to add to your project & library. This is most useful for quick measuring and in the case you don’t have a Cubit with you.

Setting up Project

Set up your work space using AR. Take measurements your space and begin adding your objects from your library to design while in AR.

Using Guide Mode

Guide mode sends your design Information to Cubit. Then Cubit will take you to the points of installation to mark up your design like you planed.