Plott's award winning Miletus digital mapping tool
Miletus acts as the bridge that brings together what it is now an what it can be

Miletus enables you to create a canvas where visual references gets pooled together with dimensional data. By bringing together pictures, notes, maps, links etc, and putting it all in dimensional context; it enables you to see how your plan will look, as well as how it will fit. Once you’re done with design, Miletus will help you bring that design to reality.

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  • Plott's Miletus allows you to visually plan in either map or picture format
  • Miletus gives you real life dimensional measurement for design
  • The Miletus app acts as a center hub for data, notes, pictures and video.
  • Plott's Miletus lets you see how it looks, as well as how it fits.
  • Communication: Bluetooth BLE4.0
  • Function: Measure Distancce Drawing Mark Trace Send result to smart-phone via bluetooth
  • Operating temperature: 32-104F (-10~40°)
  • Storage temperature: -4-158F (-20~70°)
  • Relative humidity: 5% - 95%
  • Applications: Outdoor & Indoor (IP54)
  • Wheel Material: Plastic
  • Measure range: Infinity in theory
  • Resolution: 6.25mm
  • Color: White/Yellow
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Handle Color: Black
  • Keypad: On/Off & Mark
  • Keypad type: Film
  • LED Red: 1)Boot up & Working--Red LED Solid
    2)Battery undervoltage<3.5V--Red LED Flash 0.5s
  • Wheel Diameter: 318 mm
  • Extensional length of product: 1100mm
  • Shrinking length of product: 530mm
  • IP Grade: IP54
  • Batteries: 3×AA alkaline or rechargeable
  • Runtime(Set of Batteries): 36 hours
  • Housing material: ABS+Rubber covered
  • Accessaries Necessary: 3XAA Batteries,Manual,Box,


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