Create Projects With Shared Designs

Plott is a platform where you can be creative and be inspired to do your next DIY project. Get started by downloading designs from the creators of projects, your favorite creator, or you can inspire others by sharing your latest creation.

Using cubit virtual room feature for planning

Download Pre-Made Designs

Download Plott files from retailers and the Plott Cummunity to make your next project simpler. Plott files act as the blue print of your design and store the project dimensions for a quicker project. Download the file and customize the layout to see it in your environment then use Cubit to bring it to the real world exactly how you planned it.

Easily hanging a photo using the Cubit smart measure

Create Shareable Content

Create a home you love to spend time in. With Plott you can be inspired by a design and make it your own, Plott frees up your creativity by allowing you to spend less time calculating and more time creating. Take on complex projects and make them quick and easy then share it and inspire your fellow plotters.

Using cubit virtual room feature for planning

Bring Projects To Life

Once you have customized your design to your liking, let Plott’s hardware help you bring it to life in the real world. Cubit and Carta will guide you to points in reality so you can start your build with accuracy with no need to measure or do any math, making your project simple.

Plott Files

The Plott file is the blueprint to your design it stores all the key points and dimensions of your design. These files can be shared and repeated amongst users as well as distributed with products as a set of instructions. The file can then be altered by the user to fit there space and needs easily without having to measure any of the objects.

For Content Creators & Retailers

Enable your users to recreate your designs easily by attaching a Plott File to your design or product, allowing the user to upload the file to the app and use the data to create their space virtually or customize the design to make it their own. Then the user can use Cubit to bring the idea to life with ease in there own space.

Using cubit virtual room feature for planning

How We Work Together

We want to help people create the homes of their dreams. Many consumers wont buy products due to complexity and lack of time, not because they are not interested. We believe we can help bridge the gap and help those consumers go from just interested to making their house a home they love to live in. By applying a plott file to products they become easier making them more marketable. Bringing you a higher conversion rate on your DIY products.


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